Does Proactol Really Work?

Proactol – Clinical Review

Several independent studies are already conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Proactol. Among the more recent ones concentrated at observing the end results of the main ingredient of Proactol – an intricate purified preparation of Opuntia ficus indica. The study was conducted over twelve overweight, but otherwise healthy individuals (six male and six female). The participants were split up into two groups – one received Proactol, while the other served as being a test group, getting placebo instead of the supplement. Neither test subjects or even the medical staff that conducted your research knew which in the groups got Proactol and which placebo to ensure the objectiveness with the results. The outcomes were measured over a 2 week period, by measuring the volume of dietary fats excreted with the test subjects.



Proactol Test Results

The number of dietary fats excreted through the group that took Proactol was seen to be twenty seven percent higher compared to the test group – the themes that took placebo instead. Additionally, on unwanted side effects, complications or discomfort was reported by the volunteer test subjects. The results clearly indicate that this main ingredient of Proactol fat binding formula – Opuntia ficus indica – does actually reduce the assimilation of fat (put simply, absorption of fat from how excess to the blood stream) after having a normal meal. Almost 1 / 3rd of fat content from food was bound by Opuntia ficus indica, and excreted undigested.

In addition to the clinical study findings, the effectiveness of Proactol is backed by a number of each day consumers. A straightforward search for the keywords “Proactol review” should yield with hundreds of reviews and testimonials – and an overwhelming majority turn out positive. One specific user, named Marsha Jones, reported a diet of 12 lbs in just 3 weeks with the aid of Proactol – which was achieved after trying and failing to shed pounds with numerous diets, pills and supplements. Case one representative example – countless other users had similar experiences, and so they weren’t shy about sharing them online to the world to see.