Provailen – An Understanding As To What It Is


Aches and pains in our joints are naturally expected as we grow older.  But you may be surprised to learn that more women than men are affected by arthritis throughout their lives.  This is because women have more enhanced immune systems than men, which unfortunately makes us more susceptible to a variety of autoimmune diseases which include arthritis.

However Provailen is a product that could help to address this problem.  When used as a part of their daily routine, the manufacturers of Provailen have acknowledged that 87.6% of their clients experienced a 90% decline in pain.

We will naturally start to go through some discomfort or pain in our joints when we get older or if we have had some form of injury. When used as apart of their daily routine, the manufacturers of Provailen have acknowledged that 87.6% of their clients experienced a 90percent  decline in pain

Typically benefits Provailen offers include;

  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Relieves Aching and Painful Joints
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory

The most common medication when suffering from arthritis is some type of anti-inflammatory, even though these do tend to become less effective as your body can get used to them.

The additional draw back is that a number of side effects have been reported with the use of some anti-inflammatories, such as;Stomach ulcers

  • bleeding of the intestines
  • kidney damage
  • liver damage
  • Strokes/heart attacks

You will be able to see fast and excellent results whilst using Provailen, without causing your body any damage.

How does Provailen Work?

The three important ingredients found within Provailen are used to regulate the pain of arthritis, while not causing any damaging side effects. We can keep the bacteria, viruses and deadly body cells under control through a group of immune cells known as Macrophages. An unbalanced quantity of macrophages will cause more discomfort as the inflammation in the joints will increase. Provailen helps to enhance the quantity of macrophages in our system as it has the ingredient Reishi. Our joints feed of small blood vessels, therefore Provailen makes use of capsaicin which raises blood flow. As well as that an added advantage of capsaicin is its ability of alleviating inflammation, it can therefore dramatically lessen persistent nerve pain.

What are the benefits of taking Provailen

The typical benefits that people will see form using Provailen include;

  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • relieves inflammation
  • reduces stiffness
  • relieves aching and painful joints
  • boosts immune system
  • helps balance immune system
  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • natural antihistamine
  • helps reduce anxiety
  • increases flexibility

How do you take Provailen?

You want to make sure your taking an adequate amount of Provailen to manage your discomfort, which means taking the right dosage is essential. The dose does depend on how severe the discomfort is, you will therefore recieve video directions to advise you on your daily amount. On average people do take 3-4 capsules each day though this does depend on how much discomfort you feel, as the pain lessens you would then lower the amount of tablets you have. Due to Provailen’s natural ingredients you can still carry on using your prescribed or over the counter anti-inflammatories until you feel relief.

How long does it take to see results?

Ordering at least a two month supply of Provailen, gives it time to work for you. Even though many people do see results within a few days/weeks, as everyone is different it might take some people a little bit longer.

Will I be using Provailen for the rest of my life?

It would all depend on how sore your arthritis is. You may discover that using Provailen your joints loosen up and you feel a lot better, if this is the situation you may stop using the product. Severe discomfort and pain would require you to take the product for much longer.

Provailen is absolutely worth trying if your current medicine is not giving you sufficient pain relief, or if you are apprehensive about possible side effects.